CORRADO PERFORMANCE SPARK PLUGS has been developing a new-patented hi-tech Spark plug Patent No# 5731655 that out performs the leading brands in performance and longevity using the newest technology a heavy-duty Centered Disc Electrode shield featuring 360 degrees of spark travel and 1000% increase in spark surface area. More precise ignition timing gives the user better throttle response, more horsepower and torque cleaner engine, cleaner oil and a cleaner environment

    Independent Testing Has Resulted In:
  • Improved acceleration
  • Increased horsepower (2% to 5%)
  • Increased torque
  • Cleaner combustion (less pollution)
  • Higher efficiency
  • Higher RPM limits
  • No more spark plug fouling

If we use the equation POWER=ENERGY/TIME as you can see, power can be maximized by increasing the amount of energy or reducing the amount of time the energy is delivered. Since the maximum amount of spark energy is limited by electrode design. Small fine-wire platinum and iridium electrodes limit electron flow. Using a larger electrode allows the coil to pass its voltage charge faster giving a larger spark quicker duration and decreasing the chance of coil flashover. The more powerful the igniting spark the faster the process of igniting the fuel air mixture the faster flame front growth and the more power, more complete combustion. An ultra powerful spark can ignite more fuel; you can raise fuel flow increase horsepower in engine modifications.

Corrado performance spark plug co. located in Winnetka California has been testing and developing this design for ten years.